Calendrier du mois saint de Ramadan 2011 / 1432


Voici le calendrier pour le mois de Ramadan 1432 – 2011.

Cliquez-ici ou sur l’image pour télécharger le calendrier au format .pdf

Pour le calendrier dans d’autres régions ou pays cliquez ici


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One Response to Calendrier du mois saint de Ramadan 2011 / 1432

  1. Jeferson says:

    Because men and women are not equal. Islam does not require women to be spoeprturs for men. Men has to pay all expenses bills, children’s education, women’s daily expenses etc. There’s no binding on women to pay for any expenses. In fact as per Islamic Legal rules, women are not even bound to take care of the family. There’s nothing men can do if women do not take care of the family and wants to engage servants to do all the job. Women is not required to fight, does not have to go to war, do nasty jobs like clean sewerage, become construction workers and so on. Men has to do all those nasty, physically challenging jobs.Men and women have different qualities, role and responsibilities and thus difference in them requires different guidance.The verse 4:128 explains the situation when men is the troublemaker instead of women and what women should do in that situation.

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